48-316 Łambinowice, ul. Fabryczna 3
Tel.: +48 77 43 43 651, Fax: +48 77 43 11 476

Historia firmy

The modern Łambinowice Machine Factory „Celpa" S.A. was created after the World War II in the year 1947.
At the beginning the factory was responsible for repairing machines and other agricultural devices.

Later on, Celpa S.A”, thanks to distillery utilities, there was a continuous development of building machines and devices for chemical and sugar industry. Due to the experience gained from these branches, “Celpa S.A” has mastered the production of containers and pressure containers produced from carbon steel and stainless steel, also with rubber roofing. In the late 1960's the production for not only paper, woodworking industry but also for wood derived plates and mineral wools was stared. The production of containers were dominated by the building of devices for drinking water. This scope, in coming years, became the factory's specialty. After the year 1989 the factory's production capacity was lowered, nevertheless, we continued the above profile of production. Currently, our team consists of 145 creative and dedicated workers. Our experience in the realization, assembly and receipt guarantees perfect quality and reliability. During the production, delivery and the contact with our clients we are oriented at:
  • Professionalism,
  • Quality,
  • Availability,
  • Reliability.